Ocean Waves Sunglasses, LLC

Ocean Waves Sunglasses, LLC now has a new owner.  However, we will still take care of the customers from the past.  If you have old gift certificates, coupons, or orders, we will do everything in our power to make you happy.  Now that there are new owners at Ocean Waves, things will be different.  We understand that the most important thing to our success is you, the customer and your satisfaction.  
We are currently having a new facility built and will have a first class showroom stocked with Ocean Waves Sunglasses, LLC of the same quality that you have grown to understand as the best fishing glasses you have ever owned. If you are here, you know we have a new website that will allow you to order glasses and apparel from the comfort of your home or even your phone.  
We have a large order of Sunglasses on order, but it will take a few weeks for us to get the stock in. If you will leave us your email address on the contact page, we will let you know when you can order from the web.  In the mean time, come see us at the local events in the area.  We will post the events and dates on the NEWS page as they are finalized.
Thank you all for your patience.  We will exceed your expectations in the months to come.
The owners and staff of Ocean Waves Sunglasses, LLC